David Howell

Before parting with your hard-earned money for a print or any cards, I’m sure you would like to know a little more about the artist.

DH winter 2 S

David Howell works in watercolour, oils and pastels and is a regular exhibitor at international and national level. His paintings hang in corporate and private collections in locations that vary from royal palaces in the Middle East to city boardrooms.

He is a Past President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, an honorary member of the Pure Watercolour Society and has written several books on painting techniques.  His work is primarily of landscape and marine subjects, but he is also well known for his equestrian racing pictures.

David’s approach to painting is very much concerned with capturing atmosphere and a sense of time and place. He works outside as much as possible and over the years has travelled widely. He is just as likely to be found sitting by a canal in Venice as dragging an easel through the Arabian desert.

A new website has just been launched and can be found at www.clikpic.com/davidhowell.  However, as he has just finished a new book and is currently juggling various exhibition and teaching commitments, these are taking priority over expanding the site so I am including a few more examples of his work here. Please note that all of these paintings are already sold but if you would like to know more about him then please feel free to send an enquiry form via the ‘contact’ page on this site.